BWC040 – Affordable HD Body Worn Camera

BWC040 - HD Body Worn Cam - 06

Communities are no longer willing to take police officers’ word for it that force was necessary in violent incidents, and this lack of trust makes it difficult for police to do their jobs. In response, citizens and legislators have called for all officers to use body-worn cameras (BWCs) so that all interactions with civilians are recorded. Many people are hopeful that this technology will facilitate cultural reform, increasing officer accountability and reducing abuses of power.

The body-worn cameras will have a civilizing effect on all involved: officers and civilians alike should behave better when they know their behavior is being recorded, reducing the number of violent interactions between officers and civilians. In cases where officers do use force, the video footage will offer factual evidence about what occurred, so that abusive officers can be quickly disciplined, fired, or even convicted of crimes, preventing them from further abusive use of force.

Main Features: Waterproof, shockproof, Laser indicator, LED white night, Encrypted administration file, motion detection, AIT chipset 150Degree Wide angle 128GB Max storage

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BWC040 - HD Body Worn Cam - 13 - 700x


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Video Resolution: 2304*1296 30fps/ 1920*1080 30fps/ 1920×1080 30fps/ 1280×720 60fps/ 1280×720 30fps/ 848×480 60fps at MOV
Photo Resolution: 34M/23M/18M/13M/9M/6M/4M at JPG
Night vision: Manual/Auto IR switch. Face recognition at 10meters
Waterproof: IP67, waterproof.
Shockproof: 2meters free drop.
Lens angle: 150° wide angle
Display: 2.0inch 4:3FHD color display
Battery: 2800mAh
Battery life: standby 11hrs
SD Card storage: 1920*1080P 30fps 60mins/7GB, max 128G
Operating system: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8
Body Size: 83mm*57mm*29mm

BWC040 – Body Worn Camera Footage Video 

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