BWC089 – OMG 16 Long Hours Lightweight Police Body Worn Camera (Wide Angle 170-Degree)

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Main features

– 34MP recording.
– Smart design ,128g only.
– Built in 4000mAH battery – 16 hours recording.
– Support external mini camera, real 720P. (option)
– Support turn off the audio of video mode ,the record video without sound ;turn on it ,the video with sound.
– Hidden recording function ,no voice and no indicator lights when camera working.
– Function of strong night vision, able to see the facial appearance of humans clearly up to 15M in complete darkness.
– Colourful button for “power on/off” button.
– Drop in charging station is easy for charging.
– Important videos remarked and locked function.
– Sound & flash alarm.
– One button recording ,loop recording, Motion detection function,do not miss any law enforcement picture.
– Hidden recording function ,no indicator voice & lights when camera working.
– Fast forward and rewind 1-128X .
– Function of character superimposition, all videos and pictures will be attached with time,device ID, police ID and other information, they are unable to be edited or rearranged,providing more effective legal evidence.
– Pre-recording the video, extended recording function, do not miss any law enforcement picture.
– Main functions, namely video recording, photo-shooting 、sound recording .
– Play audio, video and photo on scene
– Video data will be partitioned and saved automatically, each 5/10/15/20 minutes option , avoiding the data loss caused by faulty operation.
– Video sound turn on/off function ,when turn off the video sound ,the recording video no sound .
– Double-filter switcher, no color cast in the daytime, clearer in the night time.
– Unable to look up or delete the data of recording files, unless authorized.
– With rotation clip 2pcs.
– Anti-shake function,support you to take clearer photos.
– Waterproof: IP67
– Connect the PC directly , password protection.
– Built in WIFI (option)
– Built in GPS (option)



  • Video Resolution: 2304*1296P 30P;1920*1080P 30P,1280*720 60P,1280*720 30P, 848*480 30P
  • Video Format: H.264 MPEG4
  • Audio: High Quality Build-in Microphone.
  • Audio Format: AAC2./MP3
  • Water Mark: User ID, Time and date Stamp Imbedded into Video.
  • Camera: 34Mega pixel Camera option with optional burst shot(3/5/10photos)
  • Photo resolution: 4M(2688*1512 16:9), 8M(3226*1814 16:9), 12M(4838*2722 16:9),
    14M(5376*3024 16:9), 34M(7696*4329 16:9)
  • Snap Shot: Capture Photos During Video Recording
  • Storage Capacity: 16G/32G/64G/128G
  • Storage Level: Visual Indicator
  • Language: English/Russina/Polish/Chinese
  • Zoom in /out: 1-128X
  • One Button Recording: Support
  • Fast forward: Support
  • Rewind: Support
  • Motion detection: Support
  • Loop Record: Support
  • IR Light: 2 IR Light
  • Auxiliary Light: With one white light, support alarm


  • LCD Screen: 2 inch TFT-LCD High-Resolution Color Display
  • Audio Playback: Support
  • Video Transfer: USB 2.0


  • Recording Angle: Wide Angle 170 degrees
  • Night Vision: Up to 10 Meters with Visible Face Detection
  • Clip: High Quality Clip with 360 degrees Rotation


  • Type: Built-in 3600mAH Lithium battery
  • Charging Time: 240 minutes
  • Continuous Recording: 16 Hours
  • Low Battery Warning: Beep Alert and sound alert


  • Password Protection: To set an administrator password to allow deletion. User can only view the videos but cannot delete it.
  • Pre-record & Post-record: 5~10 seconds pre-record/post-record
  • Burst: 3/5/10 Shot burst picture taking
  • Dimension: 78 mm *59 mm *27mm
  • Weight: 128g
  • Working Temperature: -40~60 degrees Celsius
  • Storage temperature: -40~55 degrees Celsius
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