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Critical Considerations for RTLS in Healthcare

Hospitals must consider many criteria when reviewing and selecting Real-time location solutions (RTLS). To help in the decision process, we’ve put together this core list of considerations and commonly asked questions:

Technology Considerations

  • The RTLS is assurance by room, sub-room and bed level accuracy.
  • Ease of installation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Ability to Interoperability with other mission-critical systems.
  • A vendor’s success in healthcare applications.

Software Considerations

  • RTLS is progressing beyond locating assets and expanding further into managing patient flow, beds, rooms, staff, and other departmental activities and workflows.
  • More advanced RTLS systems have the tag/network (technology) and the software (applications) for hospitals to realize these vast benefits.

Business Process Improvement Considerations

  • Business process improvement is about combining technology and people in order to bring about maximum efficiency and eliminate redundancies and non-value added work. An important point to consider is whether your RTLS solutions partner has directed programs and has the expertise required to integrate technology and process improvement changes associated with the location, status and movement of both mobile equipment assets, staff resources and patients throughout a hospital.

OMG Patient Care Solutions is able to compliant to all the above criteria.

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